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Frequently Asked Questions


What does TaskRatchet do?

TaskRatchet lets you commit money on completing one-off tasks by deadlines you set. It acts like a simple todo list, letting you define your tasks and check them off when they are done.

How is TaskRatchet different from Beeminder?

First, TaskRatchet and Beeminder go great together, so definitely check out our Beeminder integration.

Beeminder and TaskRatchet are quite similar--they are both tools for committing yourself to future behaviors by putting money on the line. However they differ in several ways:

  1. TaskRatchet has a very simple todo list interface, whereas Beeminder exposes a much more complex and powerful user interface.
  2. TaskRatchet only supports binary commitments, whereas Beeminder lets you track anything that can be quantified.
  3. TaskRatchet is focused on tracking your current commitments, whereas Beeminder also has a great deal of utility as a tool for collecting quantified-self style historical data.
  4. TaskRatchet supports one-off commitments as a first-class citizen, whereas Beeminder is built strictly for ongoing commitments, making very short-term commitments difficult to manage using the platform.

We like to think that these differences allow Beeminder and TaskRatchet to complement each other by allowing for a broader range of use cases than one alone could support.

Why doesn't TaskRatchet have [feature]?

TaskRatchet is built and maintained by two part-time developers, so we may plan to have certain features that we just haven't had the time to build yet. Or, maybe we haven't thought of the feature yet! Email us at with any ideas, suggestions, or feedback. We love hearing your ideas!

You can also suggest and vote for ideas here, though we would recommend that you also email us, since we keep a separate record of missing features and the users who want them.


Is TaskRatchet free?

Yes! TaskRatchet is entirely free to use. You will only be charged if you don't complete a task you've added by the deadline you chose.

Why does TaskRatchet need my payment details?

TaskRatchet allows you to commit to completing tasks by a deadline. If you don't make your deadline, you get charged the amount you pledged on the task. Without your payment details, TaskRatchet isn't effective at ensuring you meet the deadlines you've set.

When does TaskRatchet charge me?

Soon after you miss a deadline, TaskRatchet will email you letting you know you're about to be charged, and a charge will appear in your bank account. You can reply to this email to pause the charge and let us know that the charge isn't legit. Once we've canceled the charge, it will disappear from your bank account.

Can I try TaskRatchet out without adding my payment details?

TaskRatchet is not designed to be used without a payment method. Since any charges for late tasks won't succeed without valid payment details, TaskRatchet won't be able to enforce the commitments you've made. For that reason, new users are required to add a payment method during the registration process.

Does TaskRatchet support PayPal?

No, but send an email to anyway to let us know you wish we did! Also include where you're located and if there are any other payment methods that might work for you.

Account Management

How do I unsubscribe from the daily summary emails?

Email me at and I can unsubscribe you from the daily emails.

How can I deactivate or delete my account?

Email me at letting me know whether you'd like me to delete or just deactivate your account, and I'll get it done as soon as I can.