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The Todo List You Won't Ignore

A woman working late into the night at her computer (source: Midjourney)


Nathan Arthur

Founded by Narthur

TaskRatchet was built by Nathan Arthur, a web developer active in the Beeminder community. Nathan has been using Beeminder since 2018. With the encouragement of Beeminder cofounder Danny and the Beeminder community, Nathan launched TaskRatchet in 2020 to make it easier to make monetary commitments on one-off tasks. Since then he's been making steady progress on turning TaskRatchet into the ultimate todo list with consequences.

Nicky Walters

Supported by Nicky

Nicky breathes books and raises rabbits. Also they are consummately crafty, beguilingly British, and eat university degrees like candy (3 and counting!). Here at TaskRatchet Nicky keeps the inbox squeaky-clean and has single-handedly improved the level of customer support by several orders of magnitude since they got involved in late 2022. Nicky's superhero name is Inbox Zero. (RIP Breakfast Bun, also pictured)

Luke Arthur

Developed by Luke

Luke Arthur joined his brother to work on TaskRatchet in order to create the first version of TaskRatchet's mobile apps (coming soon!). His love of learning and engineering mindset have been a huge help in pushing TaskRatchet forward. When he's not slinging code, Luke enjoys flying helicopters, scaling climing walls, playing the piano and violin, and working on film projects.